Hoya acicularis

Hoya acicularis is an oddball sort of plant, the kind, that I really love to play around with.  It is a native of Borneo and apparently it will flower, but is a real challenge.  I received my plant as a cutting from Thailand in April of 2012.  It was a real bear to root, but if you stay with it long enough, and keep the cutting near 100 % humidity for 2-3 months in good light you will probably eventually be successful.  As long as it has plenty of humidity, Hoya acicularis seems to be pretty tolerant of large temperature ranges. Right now it is growing really well in my much too hot upstairs grow room.  It also does well in a small pot; mine is currently in a 2 inch (5cm) Orchid pot. I will update the plants progress as time goes by, as I have only had the plant at this point for around nine months.

UPDATE:  After two years I managed to bloom this Plant under HPS and T5 lighting in a warm humid grow tent.  I also found out that this plant is very sensitive to over watering, and is best misted if there is any question in your mind as far as whether to water.  It is also very sensitive to cold; keep it above 60°F at all times.

Hoya acicularisHoya acicularisHoya acicularis