Hoya chewiorum

Hoya chewiorum is a native of Borneo (Sabah only) and so far has only been found in the Crocker Range in hill forest. “It is named in honor of brothers Philip and Dr. Steven Bosuang (formerly known as Chew) who helped set up the Kipandi Park in the Crocker Range in Sabah, which included the establishment of a collection of native Hoyas.”(Taken directly from A Guide To Hoyas of Borneo by Anthony Lamb and Michele Rodda). Hoya chewiorum was published by Anthony Lamb (A. Lamb) in Sandakania Vol. 19 (April 2014).

I received Hoya chewiorum in a trade from a very knowledgeable hobbyist from North Carolina in early summer of 2016. I wish that I could say that the plant liked me, but I have struggled with it since I’ve had it. It did very well for me at first, putting on a new vine with 3 or 4 leaves, and then came the inevitable decline. I lost all of the new leaves, and then the new vine died as well essentially leaving me with my original plant. In Early November 2016, I was shocked to discover a peduncle forming on my miserable looking little plant. I never thought that it would actually bud up, but I nursed it along the best that I could, and eventually it flowered a few weeks ago in Mid-December 2016.

I can only tell you how I’m growing Hoya chewiorum, and that it has not worked particularly well for me. I am growing the plant in an extremely chunky mix with very large bark making up most of the mix. The plant only has four or five leaves so it uses very little water requiring attention every ten days or so.  I am hopeful that the RO system that I have installed will in time help this plant to grow better and stronger. If I’m lucky enough to turn the plant around, I hope to get some new growth out of it. I am however thrilled that I got to experience the stunning blooms for myself and encourage all of you, if you can find the plant to give it a try, as it is really worth the effort.