Hoya sp. Wavy Leaves

I received Hoya sp. Wavy Leaves from April Mall from Unsolicited Plant Talks as a gift in the early autumn of 2020. It had a gorgeous large leaf with fabulous markings and wavy edges. I was never actually able to duplicate the first leaf. The plant grew well for a few months growing several new leaves, but I could not get large leaves like the plant came with. I suspect that my lighting was too bright. For Hoyas to get really large leaves, they need fairly dim lighting.

After transplanting the plant a couple of times, I moved it into a terracotta pot. It probably was not the best move as soon after the plant stopped growing. To be fair though, I think that I detected a small amount of root rot on the plant before transplanting it. After months of doing nothing, the plant grew a peduncle, budded up and flowered soon afterwards. I have noticed that Finlaysonii Type Hoyas flower frequently when they have root rot going on. I think it is a last gasp effort to save itself. I have seen this happen over and over again with these type Hoyas.

If you can find this Hoya, I would suggest that you pick one up, but be aware of how easy the roots will rot on this one. I might suggest a clear pot so that you can more precisely determine when to water this one. I believe that it might be a good one to grow in coconut husk chips which would allow some breathing room in the media, but still hold enough moisture.