Hoya sp. Surigao Del Sur

As the name suggests, this Hoya comes from Surigao Del Sur, which is a province in the Philippines situated in the Caraga region occupying the northeastern section of Mindanao. Its capital is the City of Tandag.

I received Hoya sp. Surigao Del Sur late in the summer of 2021 as a freebie in a trade with a nice woman from Maine. The Hoya that I traded for was called H. Scarlett O’Hoya with a name like that how could I refuse. So far that cultivar has not done particularly well for me, but the one that came as an extra has behaved spectacularly. The leaf coloration alone is reason enough to grow this one!

I rooted, grew, and flowered this plant completely in soft tree fern substrate in a 3oz cup. It behaved very much like the typical Philippine Hoya. It lived its entire life in the artificial environment of my basement grow tent. Sadly like so many Philippine Hoyas of this type the flowers are short lived, lasting only 24 hours. On the plus side it is a frequent bloomer so it can be enjoyed many times. It is a heavy nectar dripper that has no scent.

Hoya sp. Surigao Del Sur is a fantastic plant when grown for the foliage alone; the flowers are just a bonus. It gets my highest recommendation!