Hoya vitiensis ‘Fiji Yellow’

I have grown and flowered with quite a lot of difficulty the regular mauve form of Hoya vitiensis. I vaguely was aware that there was a yellow clone out there, but it was not really on my radar. This plant turned out to be every bit as challenging to flower as the mauve version out there taking me at least 3 years to figure out.

I have been growing this plant seriously for more than 3 years using every trick at my command trying to get it to flower. I finally had it growing in 3 different mediums and moved it from a 14 hour day to a 12 hour day and let it climb to the ceiling in my grow tent. It started to bud up, and I lost my first set of buds, but then a miracle happened and two different plants began to bud up; I was beyond happy. I finally flowered the plant on June 13th, 2022.

Hoya vitiensis Yellow is quite a striking plant. It makes for a lovely specimen that will give you all of the challenge that you are looking for in blooming a Hoya. It is definitely worth adding to the collection especially if you don’t have the mauve colored clone.