Hoya mitrata

I received Hoya mitrata as a cutting, which I purchased on Ebay from a Florida vendor in the summer of 2014.  It did well at first and added new growth, but I rotted the roots off within four months.  I re-started the plant in hydroton using the semi-hydro method;  It rooted quickly, but I noticed once again that every time I watered the plant, a leaf would yellow and fall off.  I finally got the point that this plant does not want to be over watered.  I eliminated the reservoir in the container by melting  a hole in the bottom edge, and it has been off to the races ever since.  It has now flowered three times as of this writing of June 9th 2015.

Hoya mitrata is related to Hoya darwinii, but is somewhat easier to cultivate. It comes from Thailand, New Guinea and Sumatra and it was described in 1940.  The leaves vary greatly in size and are prehistoric looking with lots of silver splashing and blemishes. In nature it lives in symbiosis with ants and form large cabbage shaped leaves.  The flowers are a little over an inch long and half an inch wide, and have virtually no scent.  I can highly recommend this plant for those looking for a little challenge and an unusual specimen.

Hoya mitrata 062715