Hoya amoena Java IML 1038

I received a Hoya cutting with the tag Hoya sp. IML 557  from David Liddle of Australia twelve years ago and I’ve always suspected that it had the wrong label. I finally found out from a good Hoya friend in Colorado that what I really have is Hoya amoena Java IML 1038.  It is good to finally know what this plant is called.  It is a very difficult plant to flower at least for me in my conditions.   I had my hopes up last year when it formed a peduncle, but alas that was only a teaser.  I think it took so long to bloom primarily because it will not grow for me in the winter – it is too darned dry in the house and the plant goes into hibernation mode for months at a time.  I love the plant because of  its outstanding foliage, which is thick and leathery and resembles Alligator hide to me.

Any how you look at it, this Hoya would make anyone a lovely house plant!  I have made a video of the plant, which you can search for under the old name of Hoya sp. IML 557 on my YouTube channel.

Here is a gallery of photos of Hoya amoena Java IML 1038: