Setting Up A Reverse Osmosis System For Your Hoyas

I’ve put off getting a reverse osmosis (RO) system for years.  In my old house in Waterville, I had very soft water that was only treated with chlorine, which would quickly dissipate. My plants loved the water and thrived. I have had a far more difficult time of it now that I have moved to the big city! My water is treated with chloramines which last for a long, long time and are difficult to remove. The water is also buffered raising the pH so that the pipes will not corrode. The most sensitive plants do not care for any of these additives and fail to thrive because of it.

I am hopeful that the RO system will be the answer to my prayers.  It was extremely easy to install and I am hopeful that it will make a big difference for my more delicate plants. Here is the video of the installation: