Hoya sp. Haruku GPS 3759

Hoya sp. Haruku GPS 3759 bears the accession number of Gerard Paul Shirley and here is what he says about it:

“This hanging species is from Haruku in the Moluccas. It was collected from a fallen palm tree on the beach. The leaves are elliptical with little or no flecking and are up to 10 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. The plant will flower throughout the year.”


I received Hoya sp. Haruku GPS 3759 as a tiny freebie cutting in an eBay order that I placed with Ric Morier in 2017. The cutting rooted quickly and grew like a champ from day one. The plant formed its first peduncle, budded up, and flowered all within the first year. It grew in my regular Hoya mix, and lived in my grow tent. It grew so easily that last year I left it on the regular windowsill in the house and it still grew admirably with no artificial aids. I took lots of cuttings this year and yet the plant still looks fantastic.

Hoya sp. Haruku is in the Acanthostemma section of Hoyas and as such has the characteristic caramel scented flowers. This Hoya is inexpensive and easy to find from vendors on Facebook, Ebay, and Etsy. If you are looking for a very easy care Hoya that would do well either trellised, or in a hanging basket, I highly recommend picking this plant up. You will not be disappointed!