Hoya sp. UT-163

Uthai Treesukhon is a Thai Hoya collector that has amassed an outstanding collection of Hoyas.  I wish I knew more about him and how he came to find so many incredible Hoyas.  Hoya sp. UT-163 is one of his. I received this Hoya in a trade from a grower in North Carolina back in 2016.  It has not been a particularly strong grower for me, and I’ve had to start it over more than once.

It currently is growing better than it ever has in the past so I am hopeful that soon I will have a larger plant to be able to show off.  It is a Hoya however that wants to flower very early at less than six months of age.  My best advice for growing Hoya sp. UT-163 is to have high humidity and be very careful not to over water especially early on.