Hoya ‘Chouke’

Hoya ‘Chouke’ was brought into the world by accident when the seedpod, the result of a cross between Hoya carnosa and Hoya serpens, split open in January 1995.  Its sister cv. Mathilde came from the same seedpod.  These two wonderful plants were brought to the world by Emilio Begine with Mathilde named after a princess and Chouke a name used for his wife.

I received Hoya ‘Chouke’, from a good Hoya friend in the UK, as a cutting with three old peduncles, which bloomed only five weeks after placing the cutting into a pot.  It is very small, but smells quite lovely.  As the plant matures, I will replace these photos with better pictures of a larger plant.  Click on any photo in the gallery to see full-sized.

Hoya cv. Chouke 081414Hoya cv. Chouke 081414b