Hoya cumingiana (large leaf)

This hoya has also been called H. densifolia.  I believe it to just be a different sport of H. cumingiana (small leaf).  Except for the leaves being larger and somewhat thinner, it is so similar to H. cumingiana (small leaf), as to be indistinguishable to me.  A heavy nectar dripper, be ready for a mess once it starts flowering.  An undemanding plant that I like a lot, but not quite as much as the smaller leaf form.  Please see entry for small leaf as well.

Here is some pretty cool information on Hugh Cuming who found the plant on the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines in 1841. Born in England, he spent a number of years in Chile, where he became a successful businessman. He used his money to buy as ship that was specifically built for collecting specimens, and travelled extensively on collecting trips amassing many thousands of specimens. His ship was the first to transport live orchids back to England. This information was kindly provided by my friend Mary Carroll from California.