Hoya ‘Sunrise’

 Hoya ‘Sunrise’ is an elegant, highly collectable cross between Hoya lacunosa ssp. pallidiflora and Hoya obscura, hybridized by Michael Miyashiro in 1992. The leaves are dark green with visible veins and red flecks.

I have to say that this has to be one of the easiest Hoyas and quickest bloomers that I have ever had. The cutting was sent to me by a wonderful grower named Rachel from Michigan. It rooted right off and within two months it flowered from a newly formed peduncle. I am growing it in mostly coconut husk chips. It has been a steady grower for me and although at this point, I have only had it for around 8 months, it has flowered at least 3 times. Below the Buds of the plant. The strange thing is that the umbel of buds is bigger than either of the parents in this cross.

Hoya Sunrise is readily available; it is inexpensive and with sweetly scented flowers, and gorgeous foliage, it is a must add to the collection. I am gravitating more and more to these easy to care for Hoyas as get older, and this one really fills the bill. This is a plant that gets my highest recommendation!