Hoya filiformis aka Hoya chlorantha var. tutuilensis

I bought Hoya filifomis from Aleagarden in Thailand as a cutting in April of 2012.  I have not found it an easy Hoya to grow at all.  I am now going to try growing this plant in semi-hydro to see if I have any more luck with it.  My plant did however, in the summer of 2014, manage to bloom for me for which I am very grateful, because it does have very beautiful flowers.

There is a dispute about the name of this plant.  I bought it as Hoya filiformis, but a number of “experts” are now saying that the plant is really Hoya chlorantha vartutuilensis. I will update as more information becomes available.  At this time I can’t really recommend this plant for the average grower, because of my struggles with it over the 26 months or so that I have owned it.

Hoya filiformis 071514e