Hoya samoensis

Hoya samoensis is a plant that I have failed with many times.  I killed it repeatedly over the course of five years.  I believe the key to success with this Hoya is to water sparingly, keep it warm and very  humid.  I restarted it just over a year ago, and now it is blooming.  I love this plant as it looks very different from most of my Hoyas.  It has smooth lime-green leaves and apricot colored flowers.  If you have the room and the conditions I recommend this one strongly.  It is a great candidate for artificial lighting as that is where my plant spent the nine months before finishing it off in the greenhouse.  It is a very pretty plant!

** Update December 2022 ** Hoya samoensis is now considered a synonym of Hoya nicholsoniae and has been moved there along with Hoya hellwigiana by Michele Rodda.