Hoya imperialis var rauschii “seedling”

This is the fastest growing Hoya that I have ever grown!!  In 18 months I have probably seen at least 30 feet of growth.  It is a stiff plant that is very difficult to keep under control.  I think if you stood still long enough it would probably strangle you.  It flowers at an early age, and they are huge and very impressive!!  Mine is getting ready to flower as I write this at the end of January under a two tube fixture that is supplementing some natural light.  the plant spent its summer in the greenhouse and lives on a five foot hoop trellis in an 8 inch clay pot – it will need to be transplanted soon.  It is an EASY grower that does well in normal “room” conditions – a must have if you have the room!  Look for a time-lapse movie soon!!

Here is a little more information about my imperialis seedling and how it came to be from Carol Noel posted in the Hoya Cubits Forum:

OK….this is what I know or think I know:
Dorothy (Teds’ wife) and I both collected and grew out seeds from Sabah, from different pods and both collected at the same plant. I never called mine anything else other than H. imperialis seedling from Sabah and shared one with Doug. It has never bloomed for me. He knew it was a seedling and quite frankly,I never expected it to be much of anything. None of my others seemed to survive. Dorothy/Ted grew her’s out and the one he sells as Dorothy’s Lavender because it isn’t pink, it isn’t red. I have a clone of that one too, for myself.

When a seedling is from self pollination it is generally (accent is on ‘generally’) alike to the parents and there can be variations in color/leaf patterns etc. Ted’s plant is called H. imperialis Dorothy’s Lavender. The uc D and L connote that it is a clone different from the type. As it was created/formed in the WILD it COULD be considered a species with a long stretch.

@ Alka said: I do not understand how can someone give name to someone else’s seedling ? With the growers permission, anyone can name anything they want. Dorothy calls it that and her husband sells it as that. There is no requirement to attach the moniker “Seedling” … simply good form. It really doesn’t matter because most hobby collectors don’t pay any attention to what they should call anything and if they forget a name, they make it up.