Hoya tannaensis

Hoya tannaensis was described in 2011 by Kloppenburg and Green, but was discovered by Hermon Slade prior to 2002. For years it was sold under the name Hoya sp. Tanna. The plant was discovered on Mount Yasur, Tanna Island, Vanuato. Mount Yasur is an active volcano and is 361 Meters in elevation. It is a major Vanuato tourist destination.

I received a healthy Hoya tannaensis cutting late in the summer of 2022, which I quickly rooted in coconut husk chips. Other than a couple of leaves being slightly chlorotic, it was pretty straightforward and unproblematic. It developed a peduncle and began to bud up about one year after starting from a cutting. It went through three up-pottings before flowering. I started it in a 3oz clear cup, moved it to a 5oz cup and then to a 5 inch clear orchid pot. The flowers of Hoya tannaensis have a weak fairly pleasant fragrance to my nose.

Hoya tannaensis is a great Hoya that I can highly recommend to all collectors. It is a plant that is a good grower, and looks to be a very frequent bloomer. The flowers have an interesting scent, and are quite beautiful. I have nothing bad to say about it, and I want to thank Rachel Colette Conroy for making this possible through her generous gift of a cutting.