Hoya lockii

Hoya locki was discovered in the Thua Thien-Hue Province of central Vietnam in 2011 and is named after Vietnamese plant Botanist Prof. Phan ke Loc. Its current habitat is endangered from deforestation, road building and other human activities.  It is very rare and known only from one population of less than 50 mature specimens.  It has been recommended that it be put on a critically endangered list.  Hoya lockii is an epiphyte that has been found growing on large old trees in mixed forests at around 1,000 meters in elevation, in sunny canopies 10 to 20 feet off the ground. It differs from H. multiflora in being pubescent in all parts of the plant except for the leaf blade and the corona.  Also, the flower is all white.

Unlike so many Hoyas that I have profiled recently, here is a Hoya that is actually extremely easy to grow!  It grows very rapidly and flowered a couple months after receiving the cutting from my good friend Julie Kennedy.  I can’t recommend this Hoya enough for beginners and experts alike.  Soon it will be everywhere and the price should come down considerably.


Hoya lockii 081215a