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Time To Talk About My Hoya paulshirleyi Seedling

I can’t put it off any longer as the plant has flowered and I will begin with the history of the plant. I received a cutting of it in June of 2021 with the tag Hoya GN-01. It rooted right off in coconut husk and seemed to like this medium quite a bit. I transplanted it into a bigger cut after a couple of months and it never faltered.

Hoya Patricia Is Back For 2022

I had to start this one over again last summer as I lost the roots to cold and wet. This time I am growing it as a modified hanging plant in my hanging wire trellis. All photos from this morning.

New Way To Grow Hoya soligamiana

I have many of my Hoyas now growing with this hanging wire trellis that I developed and for the most part it is working out quite well. Here is Hoya soligamiana using the hanging trellis with a clear pot so that I can more easily see when to water.

Hoya sp. Mindanao UT-247 Is Back

I came about as close to losing this one as you can get, but my 2 leaf remaining cutting that did nothing for months finally pulled though and flowered. This is a very beautiful flower that only lasts for about a day and a half.