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Growing Hoya sp. Philippines Long Leaves EPC-869 Part Three

I was pretty shocked when the flowers opened and they were the typical Hoya finlaysonii complex flowers. I would not have guessed that this plant fell into that category as the leaves had none of the traditional venation or markings of that complex. The flowers had no scent and began closing in less than 48 hours.

Growing Hoya sp. Philippines Long Leaves EPC-869 Part One

This cutting rooted quite easily in water and I transferred it to a 2 inch pot and then moved up to 3 inch. I cannot say that it was a easy quick grower for me, but it never lost its active growing tip. I was excited to see this one flower as the leaves were quite different looking.

Hoya sp. NS05-055 Flowers

It has probably been about 3 years since I’ve seen the flowers on this one. I have to say that the flowers a cute as they are sure don’t last very long. They close up after only a couple of days.

Haven’t Had Buds On This One In Quite A While

Julie Kennedy was kind enough to resupply me with Hoya sp. NS05-055, the sweet little anulata from PNG. I had chopped it all up and sold it off a few years ago, and then everyone wanted it and I had none to offer. Anyhow, it looks like it will flower for me once again. Here are the buds from this morning:

Hoya cumingiana Has Seedpod!

This is only the second time this has happened to me and not for at least 8 years. What is more remarkable is that this Hoya cumingiana seemed to get pollinated while sitting on a windowsill in the regular house. How that happened shall always remain a mystery!

Hoya sp. aff. engleriana Vietnam Flowering Away

You have to love this plant even when it is not in flower. I took quite a few cuttings of this one to sell this season, but it does not seemed to have hurt it too much. I did discover when starting all of these H. engleriana plants this year that it is much more susceptible to root rot than I previously thought so be careful of over watering this one.