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Final Day With 2nd Flowering of Hoya vangviengiensis

When I flowered this plant the first time, I broke off 4 flowers trying to get it out of the tent to photograph it. This time I was extra careful when removing it. This plant is about as far from being floriferous as a plant can be. While it has tons of peduncles, it only manages to flower on one of them. I don’t know if I reported this last time, but the flowers on this one are among the longest lasting in the Hoya world. I got almost 3 weeks out of the last batch. I will bring this one back if I ever get it to flower again.

Final Day With Hoya BP-01

I know very little about the origins of this Hoya, but its unusual leaves coupled with its short time to bring into flower makes for a winning combination. I would say that this plant is clearly worth adding to any Hoya collection.

Growing and Flowering Hoya BP-01

I had numerous bud blasts on Hoya BP-01 before managing to get this plant to bring its buds to term. I am unsure if it was the coconut husk substrate, or not, but I am glad that I finally pulled it off.

Hoya BP-01 – What Does BP Stand For?

I thought I knew most of the accession number abbreviations, but had never heard of this one. After posting a video, on this species, and asking what BP stood for, someone kindly had the answer: BP is the accession number for Ban Phaeo Hoya Nursery in Thailand.