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A Couple of Days With Hoya tannaensis

Hoya tannaensis has to be one of the most under appreciated Hoya in the plant world. I never seem to see this one posted about on Facebook, or other websites. It has to be one of the most gorgeous Hoyas when in bloom, and it is so easy to care for – what more could you ask for in a plant?

Hoya undulata Is Looking Really Nice These Days

I can’t believe that I have a specimen of Hoya undulata that actually looks this good now. It actually has three active growing points, and it is growing in fairly cool conditions dropping down to around 58 F at night and only getting up to about 75 during the day. The key with this one is get air to the roots and only water when dry.

Hoya sp. MT-02 On The Cold Winter Windowsill

I took this photo back in the middle of January when everything here in Vermont is at its darkest. I was pretty taken aback that this plant would actually flower in such conditions. You can see the snow through the window and condensation built up on the glass.

Final Day With Hoya sp. IM-08

Hoya sp. IM-08 is a fantastic new discovery that if I had to guess will be named a new species in 2024. It gives you the tiny round leaves of Hoya serpens without any of the difficulties of its growing requirements. The cute little starfish shaped flowers are an added bonus. This little plant gets my highest recommendation!