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Hoya apoda and Hoya obscura

For a plant that used to hate me, Hoya obscura has not let me down now in a year and a half. This is one of the few plants that I never could grow that has now become easy for me. It is usually the reverse.

Series of Flower Comparison Photos Coming Up

Sometimes it seems to me that I don’t have much flowering going on, but on closer examination, in fact, I have more than I thought. Over the next few days we will look at what is flowering now with a series of photos comparing the blooms of H. apoda with other Hoyas currently in flower. Here is H. apoda with Hoya Paula ‘Almost’.

Hoya manipurensis Showing Many Flowers

I recently started H. manipurensis over, and this is another plant that I believe was strongly hobbled from flat mites. After spraying with sulfur, I am being rewarded with tons of new growth and flowers. The new growth can be differentiated from the older growth from the lack of sulfur residue on the leaves.

Hoya buntokensis Flowers Every Two Months

Hoya buntokensis flowers every two months or so. It is usually low on the plant which does not lend itself to a very good photos. I see that the breeders and growers in Thailand have just come out with a variegated or splash version of this plant, which is selling for well over $1,000. I will stick with the original version! Note the white spots on this plant are sulfur splash, which was achieved for free!

Hoya danumensis Growing And Flowering

I recently up-potted Hoya danumensis, between that and spraying the plant with sulfur, it seems to have helped it bring its buds to term. In the past, I have had almost constant bud drop.

Hoya danumensis in all her glory!