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Most Photogenic Hoya Flowers

If I had to come up with a list of the ten most photogenic Hoya flowers, Hoya ruthiae would be near the top of the list.

Hoya ruthiae – One of the Most Photogenic Hoya Flowers

Let’s Celebrate Hoya ruthiae

I sold a number of cuttings of Hoya ruthiae in the spring and was afraid that I might have destroyed my plant, but I have to say that it has come back stronger than ever and is still flowering.

Hoya ruthiae In All Its Other Worldly Splendor

Hoya acicularis Is Happy After Years of Barely Hanging On

My Hoya acicularis is happier than it has been in years. If anyone remembers, I flowered this one about six years ago, which I think was stress related flowering to save itself from death. Soon after that event I started it over, and most of the cuttings did not take. The one that did barely hung on until showing signs of life about a year ago. Finally I have a nice healthy plant after six years of trying!

Hoya acicularis In Full Health

Hoya lockii Growing In Lechuza Pon

I’ve started experimenting with a substrate called Lechuza Pon made in Europe. So far the moisture loving species are loving it like the Hoya lockii pictured below. I have not yet mastered how to get the watering right for the non-moisture loving species.

Hoya lockii In Lechuza Pon
Hoya lockii Flowering Away

Hoya Kaimuki Against The Leaves

I kind of like this narrow shot of the the two flowers of H. Kaimuki against the foliage of a large Sugar Maple. Notice how the flowers of this one can vary in color depending upon the conditions under which it is grown.

Hoya Kaimuki Against The Leaves

Hoya Kaimuki Flowers At Seven Months of Age

At the end of last November I started my sad looking H. Kaimuki over by water rooting two cuttings. I sold one plant over the summer, and the small plant that I kept has just flowered with two blooms.

Hoya Kaimuki – This One Flowers Early!

Trying To Grow A Decent Looking Hoya platycaulis

I find growing Hoya platycaulis maddeningly difficult, but I’m determined to find success with this one. The last few leaves on this plant look pretty good to me. What I’m discovering is that while the leaves and flowers look similar to H. lockii, the plant does not ever want to be wet. It needs to grow on the dry side.

Healthy Growth On Hoya platycaulis
Hoya platycaulis – Single Flower

Hoya medinillifolia Grows A Peduncle!

I still don’t know what I’m doing with this plant, but at least I can say that I got it to the stage of growing a small peduncle. I literally am breaking all of the Hoya rules with this one. I’m growing it in sphagnum and in a pot that is way too big for the size of the plant so I’m just waiting for the ax to fall, but in the mean time, I’ll just enjoy it.

Hoya medinillifolia with Peduncle
Hoya medinillifolia Peduncle Close Up

Where’s The Love For Hoya bicknellii?

I sold a tremendous number (at least for me) of cuttings this summer, and the weird thing was that not one person bought a cutting of Hoya bicknellii. Is that because everyone has one, or they just don’t like it; I just don’t know. It currently has 3 open peduncles of flowers, and I love the plant, but I guess that I must be the only one. Here is a bloom photo from this morning:

Hoya bicknellii – Where’s The Love