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A Couple of Favorites

Here is a photo taken this week of two favorites Hoya onychoides, and Hoya Kaimuki.  Thanks to my wife for holding the blooms.

Hoya onychoides on the right and Hoya Kaimuki on the left.

Now That They Are All In

Now that the plants have all been moved back inside for the year, you can see the sad state of my windowsills.  There is literally no more room at the inn!

To Many Big Hoyas!


Hoya rosarioae – One Of The Finest Hoyas

Hoya rosarioae is a wonderful Hoya that almost never ceases to amaze.  The only time it let me down was on a very cold windowsill, where it shutdown until conditions came along that were more suitable.  Most of the year it won’t stop flowering, and the leaves get gorgeous in high light.

Hoya callistophylla Only Grows For Me Six Weeks Of The Year

Hoya callistophylla likes it so humid that it will only grow for me after it adapts to my summer greenhouse,  It takes it about two months to do that, and then it grows like crazy for six weeks until I have to bring it back inside.  It then goes into complete dormancy and then the cycle starts up again next May.  Below the entire plant along with new growth:

Hoya lithophytica Is Not The Easiest Hoya To Grow

Even when grown it the correct mix and the right container, Hoya lithophytica will not respond well when grown in a typical household environment.  In my experience it declines unless grown in high humidity, very bright light, and warm temperatures.  These conditions can only be provided in one of my grow tents, so I can’t recommend this plant as a houseplant for the windowsill.