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Growing Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 Part Three

Apparently I made the right decision to plant the pot and all as it did not slow the growth down at all, and in just a few more months the roots had completely filled the 5 inch net pot that it now lived in. I then decided to up pot, and once again I left the net pot in place. This time I sunk the entire pot into an 8 inch non-net pot.

Growing Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 Part Two

The roots completely filled my 3 inch net pot in no time and I was faced with a decision to try to remove the pot and possibly damage the root system or plant the pot and all into another bigger net pot. I chose the latter and hoped for the best. Below the flowers of the plant:

Growing Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 Part One

I spotted a single leaf photo of Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 from AH Hoyas online catalog in the spring of 2018. There was no flower photo, and the price was in the low $20 range so I decided to take a chance on it. I received most of the plants in that shipment in fairly good shape. I potted it up in my regular mix in a 3 inch net pot. Below the wonderful foliage of the plant:

Time To Talk About Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002

Frequently when I order from Thailand I like to order a couple of plants that I know nothing about and that have no published flower photos. It is always fun to try to be the first a something, and it makes it more interesting sometimes not knowing what the heck you will get. Hoya sp. AH-556 Seeds – 002 is a Hoya that falls into that category. Below the buds of the plant:

Hoya onychoides Is A Papua New Guinea Native

I’m going to make the best of this Hoya over the next couple of days as I will soon be chopping her up and selling her off. The reasons for this are: It is a large plant and takes up a lot of room, and I have two other onychoides that are supposed to be special clones with different types of flowers.