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Hoya RHM-009 Having a Great Summer

Hoya RHM-009 is loving being outside in my portable greenhouse for the summer.  I cleaned all of the cobwebs off from the plant for this photo.  There is something about August that bring the spiders out in full force to cover all of the plants with their webs.

Hoya kanyakumariana 2019

Every year I throw up a photo of Hoya kanyakumariana.  It has managed to flower under not ideal conditions of my windowsill this summer, but I need to take the time to re-pot this Hoya as I think it would greatly appreciate it.

Final Day With Hoya sp. (SR-2010-049) Fraser Hills

Hoya sp. (SR-2010-049) Fraser Hills is a wonderful Hoya that while closely related to Hoya lacunosa has much larger flowers.  I found it much more difficult, but that does not me that you will find it so as we all have different conditions to work with.  The shear beauty of the flowers with their divine scent, make this is a very hard Hoya to beat! It gets my highest recommendation.

Hoya sp. (SR-2010-049) Fraser Hills Was Not Easy For Me

I’m very good at growing Hoya lacunosa, but this plant was just plain difficult from the start so it took me a number of years to flower it.  Partly it was my fault, as it would just sit there not doing anything for months at a time, before I found the wherewithal to start it over, and this happened at least three times.