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The Flowers of Hoya griffithii

I used to think that Hoya griffithii only flowered in the fall, but have since experienced periodic blooming throughout the year. It is just necessary to give it plenty of humidity and good light to observe this phenomenon for yourself.

Hoya manipurensis Flowering Strongly

Hoya manipurensis, which I still feel is a Dischidia, is flowering strongly right now, but I fear that it is a defense mechanism from stress. I think that somewhere along the line I must of over watered it, so now all it does is flower with no more vegetative growth for months. I think that it is probably time to start this one over again.

My Experience Growing Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ So Far

Some of you might remember from my Thailand Unboxing video back in May of last year there was a Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ inside. Well I’ve been growing it now for 6 or 7 months and here are my findings. I like the plant way more than I thought I would not being a huge fan of variegation. It grows extremely slowly, but so far seems easy to keep healthy. Finally I love that the new leaves emerge with a strong reddish tint and then revert to the normal leaf color.

Mushrooms In Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ soil Mix

I’m thinking that the coconut husk that this plant came potted in from Thailand contained the spores to these cute little mushrooms. Tomorrow I talk a little about Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ and my experience growing it for the past six months or so.

I Have Little Fear Of Losing Hoya cutis-porcelana

Since discovering water rooting and achieving nearly 100% success with it, I now have little fear in losing a Hoya when I run into a problem like root rot. I managed to save 3 pretty nice cuttings of this one, so I am virtually certain that I will be able to save the plant. Below the gorgeous red leaves of Hoya cutis-porcelana in this photo showing the entire plant just before cutting it up:

Hoya cutis-porcelana – The Root Of The Problem

The coconut coir chunk that this plant was received with helped propel Hoya cutis-porcelana into a death spiral. There was no way of removing it, and I feared it would catch up with me, and indeed it did. Coconut husk simply holds too much water for too long a period and that condition can spell death for the roots.