The Buds of Hoya stenakei

I took this photo as proof that I have brought this fairly new, much desired species, to the bud stage. I have blasted these before, so fingers crossed that they make it to maturity. I have a good feeling this time!

Hoya Almost Paula and Hoya sp. UT-247

Both of these Hoyas are from the Philippines and have the unfortunate trait of only having flowers that are fully open for a little over a day. One the positive side, they flower almost continually which makes up for the short duration.

Hoya clemensiorum Short-Leaf?

Here are the flowers of a plant that I received from April Mall in 2020 labeled Hoya clemensiorum, but it looked nothing like the real clemensiorum that I have kept for years, so I have taken to calling it short-leaf.

A Good Example of Why Flower Color Is Not A Good Way To ID Hoyas

I believe that this plant is now called Hoya pubicorolla, but back when I first acquired it from Joanie Kahn, it was called Hoya pubicalyx ‘Pink Dragon.’ The first few times that I flowered it, probably about 12 years ago, it used to bloom light pink. Because of my growing conditions, I can no longer get this color out of it. It now blooms almost red. Below on Top the flowers from 12 years ago, and on the bottom the flowers from this morning. It is hard to believe that it comes from the same plant!

Another Hoya linearis Photo

I took this picture just before I took numerous cuttings to restart this plant as it had gotten just too big for any window in my house. Lets hope that I can grow another magnificent specimen some day, and to think that I thought at one time that H. linearis was ungrowable for me!