Final Day With Hoya onychoides

All good things always come to an end and so does the discussion of Hoya onychoides. This is a plant that presented me with unexpected challenges, but I think the extra effort was well worth the results, but if I could only grow one plant between H. macgillivrayi, H. archboldiana and Hoya onychoides, I believe that I would choose H. macgillivrayi, because of its heavenly scent, and easier bloomibility.

My Hoya onychoides Has No Scent

I had read on Christina Karlsson’s site that her Hoya onychoides had a strong scent of gardenias, which both my Mac and Archie have as well. The strange thing about my Hoya onychoides is that the flowers had no scent at all. It has now flowered twice for me and still no scent. We must have different clones.

My History With Hoya onychoides Part Three

Three times was the charm as far as starting over this plant. It finally took off and made steady, albeit slow, progress. It grew almost exclusively in the same artificial conditions that would bring my Mac and Archie into flower in 12-18 months, but it took 3 years with onychoides. Why – I just don’t know?

My History With Hoya onychoides Part Two

The cutting rooted quickly enough, but then the roots rotted for no real apparent reason. When it had done nothing for about 6 months I started it over. It grew slowly with stops and starts and after 2 years it quit growing all together. I was forced to start it over yet again!