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Plant Maintenance Day: Hoya kerrii

I had a major re-potting and plant maintenance day yesterday, and decided maybe I could turn it into a video.  This little five minute video shows how I handled Hoya kerrii.  There is nothing earth shattering to be learned here; it just shows the stuff that needs to be done on a regular basis to keep your houseplants happy and healthy.

Decorating with Hoyas or Who Needs Curtains Anyway?

Here is my newest You Tube video giving the first look inside of my new house.  I take a set of bare windows and fill it with – You guessed it – Hoyas!  I struggled with the lighting for this video so it is a little dark in places, but every time I tried to film the plants there was a little too much light streaming in, which made the plants very dark.  I do however think it will give you the general idea.  Without further ado, Decorating with Hoyas or Who Needs Curtains Anyway?