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Best Surprise Of 2020 Outdoor Greenhouse Season

My happiest surprise so far this summer has been the huge number of new leaves that my Hoya clemensiorum has put on. Usually I can count on only a couple of leaves per year from this plant, but the combination of a bonsai mix in a s-h pot and the greenhouse has produced a huge number of new leaves. At least 10 leaves and they continue to appear. I did not even know that this was possible! Another tip, this plant almost never needs water.

Tent Greenhouses Are Economical

Temporary tent greenhouses are an economical way to get your plants out of your house for the summer.  I suggest setting them up in partial shade to reduce the need to mist your plants and to prevent sun-scald.  Shade cloth can also be used to shade your greenhouse.  The biggest reason to use a greenhouse rather than just hanging your plants directly outside in to prevent over watering from too many rain showers. Covered outdoor porches would work well too.

Moving The Plants Outside For the Summer 2019

Moving the plants outside for the summer accomplishes a few things.  It cuts down on my electricity bill; keeps it cooler in the house during the hottest months; allows me to do a thorough cleaning of their grow tent homes, and keeps the mess of flower drops and nectar drips to the outside.  The drawbacks are you have to be hyper vigilant about bringing pests back inside in the fall.

Below is a photo taken inside my new 8X10 greenhouse as it begins to fill with plants: