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Let’s Talk About Hoya australis ‘Lisa’

For those of you who watch my YouTube videos, you will remember that in May of 2019 I received a box of Hoya cuttings from Thailand. Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ was in that box:

It turned out to be the best performing Hoya in that shipment as I am still struggling or have killed off most of what was in that shipment by now.

Hoya aff. clemensiorum (IML 1752) Will Flower For First Time in Almost 4 Years

Hoya aff. clemensiorum (IML 1752) flowered last in July of 2014.  I discovered shortly after the event that the roots were rotted and it was stress induced flowering.  Well I took a cutting and saved the plant, which is now much larger than the original.  I hope this time it is flowering because it wants to and not because of stress.  Here is a photo of the buds from this morning and one leaf photo.

Happy Halloween!

It seems just like yesterday that I made this Happy Hoya Halloween video, but it has now been five years.  I just watched it for the first time in a long while, and there is some interesting stuff in it.  There is a nice time-lapse of the flowers opening on H. pachyclada, and good footage of my six foot high H. cumingiana that along with three of the cats in the video have long since passed on. Time just keeps moving forward; there is nothing we can do to slow it down.