Hoya lockii Seedling Discussion

The photos of Hoya lockii below are remarkable for only one thing – The plant is a seedling.  I want to thank Jimmy Meyers for giving me the opportunity to grow out a couple of these things.  When I received the plants in May of last year, they were under one inch tall.  Now look at this plant, it grew to 18 inches and flowered from seed in around 8 months! He is unsure how his plant got pollinated, but it has happened twice to him now.  It was the same with my H. manipurensis plant; no known pollinators in the house – it just sort of happened.

This H. lockii, and H. papaschonii have both flowered for me in way under a year from seed.  Hoya seed can be a lot of fun to fool around with, and I would urge all of you to try it at least once if the opportunity arises.  Just make sure to label all plants as seedlings if you ever sell or give any away.