Hoya ‘Jiffy Brian’ – The Story Continues Part 7

When I knew that I was finally going to flower my noid, I contacted Julie Kennedy to see if she could give me any history of this plant, and she very kindly relayed a truly wonderful story.  Below is a direct excerpt of her email to me, and it will give you the answer to why I call my noid Hoya ‘Jiffy Brian’.

It came originally from a retired gentleman on the Isle of Wight. His name on eBay was JiffyBrian, because he rooted all of his cuttings in jiffy pots?. He was the only Hoya seller back then. I vaguely remember he was a retired policeman.

I am going back 14-15 years now, so the memory is a bit vague, however, Brian’s wife was seriously ill, so he decided to sell off what was then a pretty extensive Hoya collection. He basically said the plants were too large to post, and anyone who wanted some would have to go to collect them. I emailed him, and on our agreed weekend. I drove all the way from Harlington, got the ferry to the Isle of Wight, drove around the island until I found him, and voila! Brian had a 40 foot amazing greenhouse stuffed to the gunnels with hoyas❤️❤️

More Tomorrow…