Hoya ‘Jiffy Brian’ – The Story Continues Part 8

The Rest of Julie Kennedy’s wonderful story of Hoya ‘Jiffy Brian’:

I basically filled the car up with whatever would cram in there and gave him £120 for the car-ful. Back then you didn’t see collections like you do now, however I got a massive dickasonia from him, which was amazing for about 4 years, then died on me. All my original pubicalyx, carnosas, australis, Minibelle, shepherdell, polyneura etc came from him.

His daughter had made a lovely afternoon tea for us, so we ate scones, drank tea and talked Hoyas. It was lovely, as there were very few Hoya enthusiasts then. It was quite sad, as this was his passion, but he needed to spend more time caring for his wife. I remember promising him faithfully I would take care of them, and to this day I have most of what he sold me, or cuttings of those original plants of they got too big❤️ Also, to this day I have never driven so far by myself on one day!

I really love the story of where my noid came from; tomorrow we will finish up with Hoya ‘Jiffy Brian’.