Let’s Talk Hoya papaschonii

My latest foray into Hoya papaschonii is something of a miracle to me.  Over the two years that I had the plant I could barely keep it alive.  I tried it two or three times in soil and once in semi-hydro, and failed miserably, almost losing the plant except for some seed pods that gave me the seed to try it once again.  I sowed the seed directly into sphagnum moss this past December and it has been blowing me away ever since.

I had several 3 inch pots with 3-5 plants in each pot and offered some up on eBay for a bargain price and received a very tepid response, which I cannot understand.  A few years ago, I saw this plant sell for $200, and I could not give it away for $22 which included shipping.  All I can say is all of you that passed on it, well, it was your loss!  My 8 month old plants are already to start flowering any time now and have made wonderful specimen plants.  Below is one of the examples, there will be much more on this plant in the coming weeks.