Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf – My History With The Plant

Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf is a plant that I can tell you almost nothing about other than how I grow it.  The plant came as a cutting from SRQ Hoyas in the summer of 2012 with nothing other than its name and Joni’s accession number which is SRQ 3159.  It does not flower quickly and took around 32 months, flowering in January of 2015.

Now that I have had the plant for five years I can tell you that it will live in the regular house with no supplemental lighting or artificial aids.  It will flower profusely with the lengthening days of late spring and then again in the summer.  It is grown in my regular peat-based potting soil and does not require much in the way of attention.  The flowers have a very sweet scent and is currently almost overpowering in my outdoor tent greenhouse.  Hoya sp. East of Thailand SRBR-JSNwf is highly recommended.