Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ and Hoya calycina – Final Day

Copied from the VBN website, here are the care instructions for Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’:

  • Put the plant in a bright spot with little sunlight. Avoid drafts.
  • The plant requires little care. Occasionally add a splash of water is sufficient. Give during growth every week or two weeks fertilizer.
  • In the winter, a rest period is required at a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. At higher temperatures the plant forming thin stems, which affects the overall condition of the plant adversely.
  • The plant needs a stick or a stone to grow along. Tie the foothills always in the same direction, because the plant is very sensitive to light. The flowers often grow on the window side. The plant should not be reversed, because the buds fall off. Leave faded flowers, because this naturally will grow new flowers.

Below are two final comparison photographs of the the two plants. I now only grow Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ as I don’t have the space to keep two plants that are that similar in appearance.  I have to congratulate the Dutch plant breeders on Stargazer as I think that it is one of the most outstanding Hoya hybrids created to this point!

Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’

Hoya calycina