Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ and Hoya calycina – Day 3

Apparently Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’ can bloom several times a year if given the proper conditions.  I guess that I am unable to provide those conditions as I have never had mine flower more than once per year. Mine used to flower reliably in the fall, or early winter, but now I get only a few flowers in the late winter, or early spring. I believe that it is because of too cool temperatures and inadequate light. Below are comparison photos showing the differences between Hoya calycina and Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’.  Note the longer, narrower petals on the regular H. calycina and the much stronger concentration of red on Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’.

Hoya calycina

Hoya calycina ‘Stargazer’