Growing Hoya lithophytica Part Four

I knew that I needed to do something different with Hoya lithophytica if I was ever going to flower this plant.  My wife collects sea shells, and I took a few of them, smashed them into a fine power, and sprinkled it on the surface of the soil of my remaining plant and watered it in. I don’t know if this helped, or not, but after reading that it lived on limestone cliffs, I decided to try the extra calcium of the shells. I also let it dry out thoroughly before watering as it seems to be very susceptible to root rot.

Between the crushed sea shell, my new watering regimen, and the natural sunshine, something happened and my plant turned around.  Within a short time it put on a new peduncle that held, and it started to grow buds that actually held on.   The results you see below.

Hoya lithophytica 092516aHoya lithophytica 092516b