Growing Hoya lithophytica Part Three

I was dismayed after weeks of watching Hoya lithophytica’s peduncle, it stopped growing, weakened, and fell off!  After another couple of months it grew another peduncle, and yet again the same thing happened all over again – the peduncle simply fell off.    We finally get to April of 2016, and I’m really getting tired of the plant and decide to put it outside.  I put put the cutting that I started from my first plant in the greenhouse, and put the original plant in the hanging pot directly outdoors.

Within a couple of weeks, a big wind blew my hanging pot against the Shepard’s crook that it was hanging from, and it snapped the stiff vine right off.  I found it on the ground that night.  It seemed as if I could not win with this plant no matter what I tried!

Hoya lithophytica 092416