More Hoya Canvases

Here are a couple more examples of some of my photos that I have had turned into photographic canvases.  I have no idea if there would be any interest, but I may set up an area of this site where any of my photos could be purchased as a canvas.  My photos could be taken for free off from this site, but they would not be of high enough pixel quality to use on all but the smallest canvases.  The prices would probably range from $40 for an 8X10 to $125 for a 24X36.  I would not make very much money on the deal, but it would be something, and it would help to pay for the web hosting of this site.  Anyhow, I don’t know if I will pursue it, or not, but it is something that is running through my mind.

Hoya Art 031816aHoya Art 031816b