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My Experiences with Hoya amicabilis Part Four

Over the next few months my little plant grew a couple of leaves and flowered three times, but the majority of the leaves looked chlorotic and did not seem healthy. I decided to see if I could take this poor looking plant and propagate it. I took two cuttings to root in water, and repotted what little was left to the root ball. Surprisingly the top cutting that I placed in water grew a peduncle and began budding up. It grew a couple of water roots; I potted it up and low and behold those buds opened up!

Let’s Talk About Hoya linearis

I last grew Hoya linearis about 10 years ago, and then it was only a few cuttings that I eventually lost. A kind subscriber to my YouTube channel decided that I needed to try it again, and sent me a small plant. I was really thrilled and a little nervous, because of its reputation as a difficult grower. Below the flowers of the plant:

More On Hoya ruthiae Seedpods

It is such a rare event that I will spend another day on the seedpods of Hoya ruthiae. The only way that I can figure that the plant was pollinated was through the strong water mist that I spray the plant with every day. Here is a photo of the entire plant:

Hoya ruthiae in all of its glory

Where’s The Love For Hoya bicknellii?

I sold a tremendous number (at least for me) of cuttings this summer, and the weird thing was that not one person bought a cutting of Hoya bicknellii. Is that because everyone has one, or they just don’t like it; I just don’t know. It currently has 3 open peduncles of flowers, and I love the plant, but I guess that I must be the only one. Here is a bloom photo from this morning:

Hoya bicknellii – Where’s The Love

Hoya bordenii Was Described Back In 1906

Hoya bordenii is a Philippine Hoya described back in 1906 by Rudolf Schlechter.  He was a German Botanist who is said to have described at least a thousand new species, many of them Orchids which was his primary field of study.  Hoya bordenii is an unresolved name.

Hoya Kaimuki Day Two

Hoya Kaimuki flowers regularly because I am able to give it enough 12-14 hour days using grow lights.  If you live in an area where that is not necessary, more power to you; I need the lights, and the results speak for themselves!

Dining Room Hoyas

Below are my dining room Hoyas; I have to run a T-5 strip light here, because the roof overhang cuts out too much light to keep plants in the space. Note the pipe insulation on the electrical cord; we have a cat that likes to chew on them.  If we ever have a fire, it will be because of that darned cat chewing wires!

My History With Hoya blashernaezii ssp siariae Part One

Hoya blashernaezii ssp siariae was part of a group Thai order that went disastrously wrong.  Of all the plants in the order, this was the only one that survived intact.  This means that it was the only plant that I did not have to chop up in an attempt to root something that would save the plant.  While I did not have to chop it up, it was still in pretty sad shape with many yellow leaves.