Hoya imperialis ‘Mary’s Cottage’ Palawan Buds Are Much Larger and Closer To Opening

So far the buds are hanging on the H. imperialis ‘Mary’s Cottage’ Palawan. I may have jinxed it this morning as I moved the peduncle with buds out of the center of the plant. I very carefully had to thread it out of vine and bamboo hoops, because if it would have flowered inside, I never would have been able to photograph the flowers properly. If they abort now, it will be totally my fault for having handled them as much as I did. I can’t seem to keep my hands off the buds. I did lose one bud two days ago, but so far the rest look good. The biggest one is around 3 cm across, and the rest are about 2.5 cm for a total of eight surviving buds. If they hold on, I predict they will open in one to two weeks.

Hoya imperialis 'Mary's Cottage' Palawan 120415