The Move – a New Video

Two years ago when I made the move to my new house, I took a few short videos of the process including a before and after shot of my former plant room.  While that plant room provided me with a lot of enjoyment, it did cost me a lot of money and aggravation.  Before I covered the walls in plastic and foil insulation, I rotted out the window that was in the room, and I had to board it up.  When I went to move, and removed all of the plastic from the room, I not only had to repair the wall, but had to clean up a tremendous amount of Mold.  When we sold the house, we had to pay $5,000 in mold remediation, which was ridiculous, but those are the games you have to play now when you sell real estate.  It took me as long as it did to put the video together, because of time issues and the bad taste it left with me.