Let’s Talk Just a Little Bit More About Growing Hoya magnifica

I really loved H. magnifica when I grew it, but I found that it came with a few challenges.  It was the most beautiful of plants when growing in the greenhouse in high summer.  It would put on prodigious growth with many new vines and tons of leaves that would even get a red tinge when grown in high light.  After bringing it inside for the winter, it would begin an inevitable decline with many leaves yellowing and falling off for at least a couple of months until it acclimated.  It would grow virtually not at all through until it went back outside the following June.

What made the plant’s decline bearable was the huge, beautiful, and fragrant flowers that it produced every November for me.  It is truly one of the most magnificent flowers and remarkable plants in the Hoya world – hence its name, Hoya Magnifica.  Everyone should grow this Hoya at least once.  Here is one last photo from Julie Kennedy in celebration of the season:

H. magnifica 112715