Hoya siamica Easily Produces Peduncles!

After that first peduncle, I watched the plant daily for any signs of bud formation and there were none.  As the months wore on, more and more peduncles were formed, but no sign of buds.  I kept this plant under artificial lighting in grow tents for its first two years of life.  The peduncles began to grow rings similar to a lacunosa peduncle that has flowered many times.  I had read that and heard from others that this plant came from high mountainous areas that were subject to very cool temperatures.  Finally I made the decision to put the plant outside this spring, and after being exposed to some very chilly temps, voila buds began to form!

Hoya siamica Early Bud Formation - Summer 2014

Hoya siamica Early Bud Formation – Summer 2014