New Photo of Hoya sp. Bangkok Red and Musings

This weekend I managed to re-pot two Hoyas and move a number of plants around into new locations hoping to find areas where they might improve.  Hoya engleriana was declining (leaves were yellowing) in semi-hydro.  I however still do not know if it was the semi-hydro, or the too cold basement grow-tent causing the issues.  I opted to re-pot into regular potting mix and move the plant to a window.  It was actively growing, but the leaves just kept yellowing.  I will watch the plant closely, and if it continues to decline I will move it back to the basement.  The other plant that I re-potted was Hoya chinghungensis.  This plant is thriving in the cold basement tent, but I needed to water it every three days.  Hopefully the plant continues to thrive after the re-pot.  Here is a new photo of Hoya sp. Bangkok Red taken over the weekend.  I have made a film titled A Visit with Hoya sp. Bangkok Red that will be up in about a week.

Hoya sp. Bangkok Red