Hoya elliptica Bud Crash or I Really Need Some Shut Eye!

I have just posted my 65th You Tube Video demonstrating the effects of 24/7 bright light focused on an elliptica bud set.  There are a number of Hoyas that I have found that only want to open their buds in the evening.  It could have something to do with the insects pollinating the flowers would be most active at that time.  I have found that most of these Hoyas given enough time will open their buds exposed to 24/7 lighting – unfortunately Hoya elliptica is not one of them!

You might ask why would I want to expose them to around the clock lighting?  Always in pursuit of making better time-lapse videos, the only way I have found to actually show the opening of the buds is to have both lighting and camera always on.  Making a good time-lapse is all about the lighting!  I have made many very cool time-lapses over the summer that will be appearing here regularly over the cold dreary months of winter.  This particular movie was actually only shot last week; I was going to scrap it, but I think there is still a kind of beauty in the film.  Without further ado, a new photo of Hoya elliptica and the link to Hoya elliptica Bud Crash or I Really Need Some Shut Eye!