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Final Day with Dischidia cleistantha

Dischidia cleistantha is a close cousin of the Hoya both being members of the family Apocynaceae, and as such we love this plant here at Vermont Hoyas.  It is not particularly well suited for life here in the northern climes, but with a little accommodation room can be found for it in a terrarium, or other suitable habitat like a grow tent.  I think that it is well worth the effort.

Dischidia cleistantha 032616

Final Thoughts on Hoya papaschonii

Hoya papaschonii is a super little Hoya to grow and play around with; I urge all of you to pick one up if you can find it.  Be sure not to over water it like I did as it is a true epiphyte.  If one of my cuttings take hold, I will be back at a later date with this one.  If not, then these will be my final photos of this little charmer.

Hoya papaschonii 021316aHoya papaschonii 021316bHoya papaschonii 021316c