Time To Talk About Hoya MB 1594 C (Hoya mindorensis x MB 1228)

I received this plant as a trade from a woman in Maine in the fall of 2021. This cutting turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. She had desperately hoped that the plant she had purchased was Hoya Scarlett O’Hoya ( Hoya MB 1594 A). I flowered it first and found out that the plant was from the same seedpod, but not the plant she was hoping for. As far as I can tell, there were three released plants from this cross in 2018. Scarlett O’Hoya (MB 1594 A) which had deeply red flowers and a band around the perimeter of the leaves; Hoya Sunshine (MB 1594 B) which had a yellowish flower with white in the corona, and Hoya MB 1594 C, its flowers having a orangey-yellow color with red/pink corona. Below the flowers of MB 1594 C.