Experiments Moving Hoyas Around and Messing with Day Length

The next few days I will highlight Hoyas that changed there behavior by me messing around with location and changing their photoperiod. I will start with Hoya sp. IM-08; this is a Hoya that has barely flowered for me. I have never had more than 2 flowers at once and it has only bloomed three times since I’ve had it. My friend Julie from the UK gave me information on a woman (Timea Valeria Takacs), who has flowered hers profusely on her windowsill. I followed some of her suggestions and moved my plant from 14 hour days to 12 hour days and put it into ambient conditions. Below is the result. I seem to now have dozens and maybe even hundreds of buds forming all over the plant. If you can’t flower your plant, it may be because of nonfluctuating day length. Below are a few of the new buds forming: