Hoya leucantha Is Similar To Hoya Patella In Corona Morphology

Similar to Hoya patella Schltr. in corona morphology, as both species have erect, oblong inner corona processes and spreading narrow, oblong outer corona lobe processes, but they can be separated on peduncle length, number of flowers per inflorescence and corolla type and size (peduncle 1.4 – 4 cm long, 20 – 30 flowers per inflorescence, corolla rotate, 12 –15 mm diam in Hoya leucantha vs peduncle 2 – 3 mm long, 1– 2 flowers per inflorescence, corolla broadly campanulate, 3 – 4 cm diam in Hoya patella), based on Rodda and Simonsson, Blumea 67: 139 –155, 2022. (Big thank you to Mary Caroll for the research and retrieving this information for me)