Happy New Year and The Past Year In Review

Happy New Year Everyone! I always like to start the new year with a look back at noteworthy accomplishments from the previous year. Here are the highlights of 2023:

We started out in January with my second ever flowering of Hoya thailandica, which made me very happy after having gone years without seeing a bloom.

This was followed up with a first flowering of Hoya rigidifolia and a second blooming of Hoya maingayi.

In March we had one of my most picturesque flowerings of H. desvoeuxensis, and a out of season blooming of Hoya thomsonii.

April and May brought my first flowering of Hoya Sunrise and Hoya Icensis.

The most notable flowering of the summer was probably Hoya versteegii and H. yuennanensis.

September brought the second flowering of H. acicularis in 11 years and the blooming of Hoya kenejiana Albomarginata.

October and November brought my first flowerings of H. decipulae and Hoya sulawesiana.

December brought a flowering of Hoya stenaokei, which we have yet to discuss. We will talk about this one soon in the new year. Here is a teaser photo of the blooms:

It seems as though I can mark the passage of time in my life through these Hoya photos. Lets look forward to 2024, and I want to wish all of you the best in your growing in the new year. May your plants prosper and your pests wither!